Vintage Haul and Sparkles...

 I must just alert any *button lovers* to the new sparkle buttons in BigFish
They are $6.90 for a set of 60 - £4.00 to the UK - what a sparkley Christmas bargain?
But that is not the best bit of todays post.... oh no, there is more.
 This is my HIGHLY exciting find from the Thrifty empire 'Help the Aged' - an awesome set of teeny tiny glasses.
Having made loads of Schnapps, Raspberry Vodka, Damson Gin etc... over the Summer / Fall, i was desperately happy to find these. They will be the perfect serving vessel.
 They really are much teeny tinier than seen here...
Cheers to you all xxx
 Now, i know you have stripe envy here. Don't deny it.
A lime and white large stripey 'Bread Tin' (that store Crisps in it right now)
 It would be wrong of me to suggest i 'found' this. It was spied 'just as i was approaching the counter' - one of those WOWZER moments, seen from the corner of my eye - at the local Antiques Centre. But it was well under priced in my opinion. It had to come and live with me - it begged!
 No, i did not need a blue topped Maple Syrup Jug. Syrup pours easily from a glass bottle over our pancackes.... but just look at it! I had to have it (from the same Antiques Centre £5, not bad) as there was this dramatic moment where my MUM saw a Christmas Teapot before me, and it was stunning (Sadler) and i wanted it. But i am nice(ish) and she has wanted a Christmas Teapot for years, so i stood down and let her have it.
This was my consolation prize.
I am beyond GOOD.
Indeed, found.
Poole Pottery Mushroom pot that now contains my onions.
Found in a Car Boot box.
But even my vintage Haul is not the BEST BIT of todays post.
Oh No, there is more....
Today is the last day of term!
I get the little Peanut home for 2 and a half weeks.

This post has been about Vintage Hauls and Sparkles, shaded with pure happiness at our last breakfast on a school day -
Now, i must dash as the snow is pummeling down here and i think i am going to collect the child early, for fear she cannot be found later (due to heavy snow fall) we are rural people - RURAL!


Mrs Gibson said...

oOooOO vintagey goodness and the anticipation of schools holidays, how delicious. The mushroom pot is awesome! It would totally match my blue green kitchen *lust*

PaperFish! said...

school's out for Christmas!!!!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I am almost faint with stripe I wish it was the last day of term here, t'is not until next Thursday which is pants.
Meant to e-mail you...if I have the time I will defo have a looksee but I can easily go anytime I'm in town again, I know there's no pressure.
Will keep you posted!

Kit said...

Love those sparkly buttons, they may find their way in to my online basket come payday :o)
and I do indeed have stripe envy

Menopausal musing said...

Loving your finds but am lusting after something else I have spied on your shelf...... that enamel mug with the roses on...... swoooooooon.............

Pink Blossom Creations said...

Love the buttons, the glasses, oo all of the photos with fab stuff in them.
Yes we are semi rural here so always aware when school around
have loads of fun on the lead up to Christmas
Caroline x

Julia said...

I love all your finds but I absolutely LOVE those buttons!!!!

Julia x

A Thrifty Mrs said...


(To all of it.)

PaperFish! said...

Meno = that is such a memory that mug. I love it too. One of my last Home Education trips with my girl before school happend to us :(

Vintage Tea Time said...

You're a good junk shop hunter! (like me!) - love the stripey bread bin :) Have a Happy Christmas!

PaperFish! said...

i *should* have a vintage shop... but i cannot part with anything!


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