Is this a step too far....?

Regular or Occasional visitors to my little blog world, may have already realised....
I have alot of creative energy. I have excess creativity that really needs to be released in some form or another... daily.
The MUCHOS snow we have at present has made my SmallFish and i, fairly housebound.
We have done all that 'snow stuff' and have been raipidly running out of things to say / do to each other.

There was only one thing left that we could do now... that would really test our powers of craziness....

and that was: to make and ice and decorate a HEWGE batch of Cinnamon Cookies and bag them up and take them round to all the houses in our 'close' in a very "Merry Christmas" sort of a way.

Dog - obviously overseeing the entire venture.
Wine - well, my car isn't going anywhere is it?

I confess, that one or two 'favoured' neighbours had a bigger Cinnamon Christmas Tree.

In fact my Late Nanna's friend next door (Frieda) had a giant tree cookie, a bottle of sherry and a book!
Oh sparkley, sugary, colourful sweet goodness.
There is everything that is utterly gorgeous about my daughter, at the age of 6, stood with her sticky fingers and Christmas Good Will, all wrapped up in these cookies.

Curse us if you want for being silly, Christmas Camp, giggly and terribly smug about our Christmas cheeriness, but truly - it has been days stuck indoors and there is a limit... yes there IS a limit, to the amount of goodies a single young lady should eat in one day.

So, off we trotted, in our snow boots and pom-pom hats, spreading the word - and the word is

We did also make a crazy pom-pom felt bead lightpull for the bathroom.
But it isn't working very well and needs a re-evaluation.

Wish you had all been my neighbours xx
I shall send you all *cosmic* cookies and warm hugs.
Love to you all!

Merry Christmas xxx


Anonymous said...

Flippin wish I was yoir neighbour too! yummy scrummy xx

VintageVicki said...

I too wish you were my neighbour!!

Lucky neighbours :)

Happy Christmas xx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Lucky neighbours - yummy-looking biccies! I'm getting cabin fever here - enough snow already.....!

Fabric Nation said...

lovely! A very happy christmas to you! xx

Lisa said...

Im another one who wishes i was your neighbour!! We made gingerbread the other day, yum!! But we ate them ourselves instead of sharing them, LOL!! Merry Christmas!!! xx

dottydaisies said...

Imagine a street full of crafty neighbours !!!! heaven x have a lovely christmas - you and your little fish xxxxx

Bliss Knits said...

Wow they look fab! Such a lovely thought.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Sharon x

Pink Blossom Creations said...

I am wishing also that I was your neighbour.. lovely edible creations.
Have a fab fab Christmas
Caroline x

Judith said...

come live by me. Please!!!!!!!!

huda noor said...

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