Quick Christmas / Party Garlands.... to make!

 One of the lovely things about this quick and easy garland is, you can make it as a family. Anything that gets cut up and can fit through a sewing machine, can be sewn into this garland.
Even fat handed burly men can join in this activity!

Just cut up any scraps you have around: Felt, fabrics, ribbons, lace.... i tied a few bells onto ribbons to add to the pile of scraps.
 I pre-iron my shop bought Bias Bind and then just keep adding random additions to the bind - with a small gap between each. The gap doesn't have to be uniform at all....nothing about this garland needs to be uniform or precise. It is probably best if you just allow your children to hand you whatever they feel should go on next as that childhood chaos is usually more creative than our own adult restrictiveness. 
 I measured this length to fit a particular space i had in mund for my home festivities but you can just make it any length and hang it where you feel it fits.
Also - you can colour theme it, if you are having a special 'colour theme' Xmas?
I made this garland with anything i had in my studio and i have since decided to save it for a Spring Party. And, now i know this garland works and looks ace, i am making red and white for my Christmas Dining Area.
 It is a poor photo - i was too eager to show you how it looked to wait for better light. But.... i love it!

You can buy awesome handmade Bias from here
I have used this for another project and i love it.
 I also plan to stock a little bit of Bias in BigFish - but not much and not as lovely as the above stuff.
 NeedleBooks are being replenished and i hope to have a big fat stack of new designs ready for January. Feel free to suggest any designs that you think would be popular. I tend to go all girly and Matroyshka-like... i need to break habits for 2011.
 And Fabric Yearning, mmmm....
Loving the Cath Kidston stash *strokes it* gorgeous plans for some huge floor cushions for my daughters bedroom... some bunting.... maybe some bags.....

I am full of ideas and inspiration for 2011.
I have loved the Christmas Retail rush (now it is over for me) sold out of most decorations and Christmas Bunting.  Just enough time to sew some awesome gifts for my family.
No rest for the (super) wicked xxx

make a garland.....!


Vintage Tea Time said...

That's a good idea for a garland - just had a new grand-daughter - might make one for her....off to collect pink ribbons and bells and silk roses.... Thanks!

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

I haven't visited before, I love the garlands and the round needle books. You can never have too many girly sewing accessories I say !
Louise x

bekimarie said...

This has to be one of the nicest and simplest ptogects I've seen in a long time.
Was a lovely way to spend an hour on Sunday, thank you!

B xx

PaperFish! said...

awwww *gives out hugs and air kisses* x
and it does look good! I have no patience, i like instant crafts.


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