Pssst... there are lots of new things arriving...

Nothing about me, myself and I over the next week or so - it's all Crafty :)
Busy busy with life and the shops:
*NEW* Pretty Shell Button Mix - so lush...

Perfect for pretty projects, jewelery and accessories - flower centres... i haven't even had a play with these myself yet!
Keep your crafty eyes peeled, there will be more!


Carrie said...

noooo not more beautiful buttons! im trying to resist the urge to buy them, i have soooo many i need to use, but i cant resist the cute little terrors!
They are lovely and bright,lovely lovely.....eeek im addicted!! xx

Mrs B said...

What a lady!!!!! Big kisses!x

....cupcakesandbiscuits said...

You temptress!
You're the second person I've said that to today.....aah buttons!!
I want!!!

PaperFish! said...

I need distraction right now x *hides under boxes and button bags*


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