Reels of Ribbon, Oh My!

I did warn you.... lots of yummy new things arriving.
I cannot help myself - i feel like i should be apologising? But i go through my little imagination and i wonder "if i didn't sell craft supplies, what is it i would like to be buying?"

Reels of Ribbon would certainly be on my list.
Each mini reel is just shy of 2metres per colour. Sold in a pack of 5... about 9 metres in total.
And *ugghhhh* i love the colours!

Grossgrain. 6mm wide. 6ft long. Non-washable. £7.00
5 reels of utter Spring cuteness - bring on the sunshine.... i am READY!


....cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Kirsty, I know I am going to spend the better part of today trying to justify why I MUST have these ribbons. They are TOO gorgeous and only seven pounds...aaah! I'm in trouble!!!

Menopausal musing said...

Sunshine and ribbons.......... what more could girls want???


Lovely lovely lovely!!

Mrs B said...

right I am having those!! My name alllllllllllllll over them!! x


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