Things i did today...

Some dramatic activities in, the Rock n Roll lifestyle of,.... me.
1. get on top of all the outstanding orders over the weekend and Monday when i was poorly (yet again) all apologies for any small delays. 2. Cut off the bottoms of a pair of really old Bell Bottom jeans (and wear with huge turn-ups)

3. Rush out to local Quilting shop and buy a big spool of pink thread to finish todays deadline project.

4. Get a filling in one of my toothys at the dentist... and cry like a baby whilst sat in the chair (i'm dentist-phobic. Pathetic isn't it?) Then talk funny and dribble for the next 3 hours.

5. Finish a new Brooch batch >>>> for LauraFallulah (see her shop link in my side bar) *waves at Laura*
6. Sew buttons to uber-cute knitted bow brooches. Sorry, i think these might go on the craft stall only and not in the shops.... i am in lurve with these.

7. I made up a stack of "Mini Craft Packs" ready for a small craft sale i am attending on Monday. They are sooo cute and contain felt squares, brooch bars, buttons, ribbons, template sheet, a keyfob, some 'Top Tips' from me.

I know, hold on to your seatbelts. The pace here is so frenzied!
Live, Life, Love, Craft x
p.s. i have a cool new series of posts coming throughout December, to get you feeling ultra festive.


Jennifer Rose said...

not pathetic at all being dentist phobic! not the greatest of places to kill half an hour :/

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

I'm so with you there, I had a filling yesterday and the orthodontist today....way too much time in the 'chair'!!

Ali x

stuffednonsense said...

busy busy busy! the knitted bows are crazy cute! i love the colours

Mrs B said...

oh FIshy, my love! I too weep like a baby in the dentist chair! I am sure it can't be so unusual that they have to look over at the dental nurse in such a way to suggest that you are completely know what I mean?!

I am enormously proud of you!

Keep well! Don't make me come down there with noodles and broth! I am a brutally lovely nurse! x

That Crafty Fish! said...

it was the orthodontist in my childhood who gave me the fear in the first place!! aaarrgghhh - i have the sweetest new dentist who gave me a cuddle! (shame) good job i didn't have the daughter with me!

Suzie said...

I love the little cat on your desk! Where did he come from?

And your new bows are lovely! :)

wendy said...


I love all the things you make! Can you tell me where the next craft show is that you'll be at as I'd love to see them in the flesh

Menopausal musing said...

Those bow brooches are gorgeous!

Alex Mason said...

love what you have been making. I have a massive fear of going to the dentist, i could cry at the thought of it! xx

Pomona said...

It is such a relief to know that I am not the only one with a rock'n'roll lifestyle. And I hope business booms for you this weekend!

Pomona x

laurafallulah said...

I am totally loving the new turquoise doggy brooches. Got them in the morning and they were in my shop by lunch time.
Loves you miss fish.


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