It's all in the details...

A weekend Craft Fair in a very grand National Trust House - Canons Ashby, Northants.
Sooo pretty and so old! A perfect setting. Don't get me wrong though, it is still local to me and has the same feel as smaller events. It was predominantly "crafts" and the people were almost all locals. This was the backdrop to my stall, from Friday eve through to Sunday later afternoon... i know! WoW! An 'oh so very old' stone fireplace.
And i could try to photgraph the whole stall... but by doing that, i miss out the details. So craft fans, it's all in the details:
My cards at the front of the stall in a giant teacup - help yourself to my contact details and a chocolate (especially for bored little hands with faces at table height)

Baskets arranged all around my sparkling mirror Christmas Tree. Each basket stuffed with felt decorations. I did a mix and match discount thingy....

Giant bells all tumbled into a glass trifle dish. I think the dish was thrifted locally some years back. It has never seen a trifle in my house but is often used for fruit, sweets, or bells!

Mini bells interspersed with the felt decorations....

All the "Gingerbread Life" collection a sweet little basket - i think that was from my local Vintage / Antiques Bargain cellar - all priced so customers can see straight away without having to ask.
Yet another vintage item. An old wooden Apple crate - this was great to hold purses and craft packs all in an orderly fashion. Hanging the button embellished purses over the edge, just to catch your eye.

My faithful old shop dummy bust. fantastic to give height and interest to the display. Things are easier at eye level and customers can handle to brooches without worrying about delicate displays.

The overall effect - it is hard to give you a general impression but i hope i did okay? This was a whole long weekend so it was worth making a real effort with the display. Under the tables i had all my boxes to hand to replenish sold stock. Also, behind here, i had a small table with my till and my bags and pen / paper so i could keep organised.
I hope to show you a few other stalls too (when i get the photos edited) just to show you i do go round (and shop) and other stalls and i'm not completely self obsessed!
p.s. *waves* to my 'stalker' lady and her mum who travelled over from Wolverton!! i was touched and so pleased to see you :) thanks for coming all that way x
also *waves* to stranger man who made me blush by telling me he reads my blog - thanks!
and *wave* to anyone from my Fairs who has found their way to my blog. You peeps make it all seem worth while.
K x


Mrs B said...

just stunning! it is a feast for the eyes!! I miss you x

stuffednonsense said...

That was a handy post, we are doing a craft fair on park street in bristol soon and pondering display options!thankyou!

Menopausal musing said...

You are one talented lady! Great display of goodies.

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Wow MsFish your stall looked amazing!! I know if I had walked into that Fair and saw the effort you had made in presenting your gorgeous goodies, my heart would have filled and my purse would have emptied.
Ali XX

Jim said...

Hi Ms Fish, I was the 'stranger man' that made you blush, sorry for that! Your stand was great, 'the devil is in the detail' as someone once said, probably. The house was amazing too, you had a good spot, though pity you seemed to be tucked away in a corner 'nobody puts Ms Fish in a corner' as someone else should've said. Anyway, take care and keep on loving what you do! Jim.

That Crafty Fish! said...

hello Jim!

Menopausal musing said...

And suddenly everybody "clicked" on Jim.............. :O))))

That Crafty Fish! said...

"now i've had, the time of my life..."


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