Teal, Claret, Lime and Flora....

Just updating on what's *new* in the shops.....
Deliciously rich CLARET polka dot buttons. 1cm - very berry x Me, in a strange, clandestine "you've not seen me right?" *might be a spy* sort of a pose...
wearing a new FLORA brooch. So in love with these babies.
There are more of these being listed in PaperFish tomorrow. I listed 4 on Friday and sold 2 in the space of about 20 minutes so that was a lovely feeling :) They are about 2.5" across 5.5cm and made out of yummy soft felt but backed by a metal badge so sturdy enough for any coat or bag.
I'm thinking gifts for friends or a fun teacher (or yourself! you know who you are shopper x)
They are about £4.90 each in the etsy shop. I might put them in the Folksy shop but that seems so crowded at the moment... i might wait till Spring? Well, you know where i am if you want any in GBP
And then... LIME and PINK PinPot - be still my zinging heart, J'love this fella!

Oh, and TEAL polka dot 1cm buttons too - these are a beautiful colour and i will wait till the Spring to play with these as i have enough on my Christmassy plate right now, but they are in BigFish if you want to play.

Gotta go - keep crafty x


cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Kirsty those brooches are gorgeous!! I should put them on my Christmas Shopping List, but for whom I wonder? Maybe for me! Yes I am that shopper!! Take care,
Ali X

That Crafty Fish! said...

I'll wrap it for you with a big sign "DO NOT OPEN TILL XMAS DAY" x

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Y'now, I'm a stickler for rules and would feel guilty if I ever opened it. Please don't!!!!! Pretty please!!! Cherries, sprinkles and lovely sugar pink rosebuds on top!!


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