More Flora and a Rudolph...

A few more of the *all new* singing and dancing Flora Brooches - into the PaperFish shop today. I think i enjoy making these because they are all a little different and it can get tedious sewing the same designs over again. I love discovering a new colour scheme and thinking "why haven't i mixed these colours before?" (i do talk to myself alot, i am terribly fascinating...)
Some are pastel-y, some are BrIgHt as can be and others are all muted and subtle.

I think i need to photograph a big batch of them and make the piccy into postcards... i might have to wait till slightly sunnier weather tho - anyone seen the sun of late? or has it gone on a small vacation?

And.... a Rudolph. A silly little something that might find its way into the SmallFish's Advent Calender - it has little pockets and i put a gift in for each day. HEY, she's my child and i will spoil her if i want to :)
Felt fancies do you good x


Doda said...

Hi ! I love the flora brooches

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

See now your just confusing me Kirsty. Which one to buy??
Ali X

Pomona said...

I think the sun has gone on a very long vacation. The muted colours will coordinate very well with the leaden skies down here.

Pomona x

dottydaisies said...

you can never have too many felt goodies !!!

Mrs B said...

hello gorgeous, Fishy! Can I convo one?! I would love christmas red back, with aqua and white flower?! Am I cheeky! I love them, they are so tactile! clever girl! x


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