Think of this post as a trendy radio show... as i do i few "Shout outs!"

Big "Shout Out" to Lupin x she knows why! and i wanted to show her i really did wear my tea cup brooch today!!.... and that is me with my *new* giant Starbucks Mug, mmmmm. A big "Shout out" to anyone round Milton Keynes - i'm at Giffard Park Primary School tomorrow at an Autumn Craft Fair... see you there locals!?>>> (that's my stuff i'm getting ready)

BIG "Shout Out" to Milton Keynes / Stony Stratford / Wolverton people as on SUNDAY i will be at the MADCAP centre in Wolverton for a Craft Fair called: MaKe! Come along, it might be fun...
(getting my Brooch stand ready)

"Shout Out" to where i will listing these yumtastic buttons - they are clear! coolio or what?

and a little "shouty out" to my PaperFish shops on Folksy and Etsy where i'm uploading these Button Love Brooches....
Maybe i'll have time to take photos of crafters lovely stuffs over the weekend...?
I will try xxx


janebean said...

Hi, i am going to be there on sunday at madcap, with a selection of felt fancies's my local gaff, I hope we don't clash too much!! (concerned of New Bradwell) !!

That Crafty Fish! said...

see you there my dear! looking forward to seeing fellow crafty people for sure x

dottydaisies said...

oh i want one of those dummies to display my brooches and my friend just gave one away on freecycle can you believe it!!!! your display looks fab looking forward to receiving my ilove buttons brooch .


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