Photo Shoot....

I like a good photo shoot. It reminds me 'I am here' and can *weirdly* make me feel better when i don't feel that positive about myself.

Favourite shoes x x

over 5yrs old and i have managed to keep them in one piece. If i could find this exact copy of shoe again, i would buy 3 pairs: Red, Blue and Green. Nice dress! It's Jersey (mmm, love that comfy stretch) from The White Stuff i love surfwear labels. They are always practical, comfy and hardwearing.

Feeling a bit fat. Not enough dog walking and one too many cakes over the bank holiday. I feel this way when i have spent too long sitting and sewing...

Cutest new *teeny tiny brooch* perfect for pinning my dress to the vest underneath. I hate it when my cleavage starts to fall out!

Urgh. Zit. Spot. Evil things.

Note to self: drink more water / take your vitamins / get outside. Love yourself Kirsty, if you don't, no-one else will.

MsFish and the amazing 3-tone-hair...

Ask your hairdresser for the latest in *must get out more* hair couture: The left over ORANGE base from the hair dye that bleached badly in the sun, plus that dark brown re-growth, with a generous smattering of white and grey. It's alllll the rage you know.

Hello there Fish - not feeling too great? Cheer-up! There are bound to be people out there worse off than you. IF you left the house more often.... you might MEET some!

So, i moaned a little. I'm allowed, aren't i?

next post = SmallFish's BUTTON BUGS - they rock! in the meantime, i must reconnect with humanity :) (and get my hair done) x


Mrs B said...

Darling!!! How can you not know how gorgeous you are!! MrB blushes in your very presence!

I, Dr B, prescribe a MrsB/ MsFish date! weekend of 25th! shopping, thrifting, can book a Toni and Guy appointment for you, plenty of wine and good talking!

You are sooooooooooo allowed to 'moan'! I bet you feel a little better!

I love you!


Lucy Jackson Designs said...

We are all allowed a good moan now and again.

Button Bugs sound great i cant wait to see them!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

such a relief to see others suffering from the hair debacle that I do but loving Mrs B's option above.
Lesley x

SallyF said...

What is this nonsense fishy, you are nothing but gorgeous all day every day, this I know. And by the way, the shoes - I think also yellow. MWAAAHHH x

Pomona said...

All I can say is, if you don't feel positive about looking so good, then there is absolutely no hope for me! I think I will put the paper bag on now, and not go out at all!

Pomona x

Jennifer Rose said...

its your blog, moan and complain away. :) that is a lovely dress

Rhiannon said...

Love the shoes
Love the dres
Love the lady! Everyone is allowed a moan day, but only on the condition they afterwards realise how lovely they are!

meplusmolly said...

You are truly scrumptious! and always will be. Love your red shoes especially. And I think everyone is entitled to a moan, and I empathise with the hair.....really need to sort me barnet out! ;0 X

Anonymous said...

oooo i know the feeling.
except i have more spots. grr. someone forgot to tell them i stopped being a teenager over a decade ago.
fruit juice is the new plan.
fruit juice and sleep.
and a new coat for winter so i can wear handknit scarves and button brooches. yum :)

That Crafty Fish! said...

haha... give me fruit juice and scarves!!!!

Sarah xx said...

Have just found your blog - you are so witty that I didn't even notice the moaning, was too busy chuckling at your observations! Love it! Top lady - go and treat yourself to something lush! xxx

Bunnyhops said...

Post-summer blues here too : ( made worse by turning 35 last week. Seems v ancient!

Silver lining though = birthday fairies bought me 2 rather brilliant books:
River Cottage Preserves Handbook & Sophie Dahl's fantastic new cookbook. Highly recommend them both!

Hope you're feeling better now & buy yourself a new mirror cause the old one obviously ain't working! Zx

Karin said...

Ofcourse you're allowed to moan. But at the same time: No need for that. You look lovely! And I think you're very brave, showing all the things you are uncertain about!

By the way, I totally agree with SallyF: Those shoes in yellow sound like lots of fun!


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