Weekend Craft Fairs...

So, i found myself at 2 Fairs this weekend. The first was in a school and was a very small fair. I'm afraid there was little to report from there, other than some lovely people that i met.
The Sunday Fair was where it was allll happening. "MaKe" in Wolverton, Milton Keynes. If you missed it, you missed a treat! What a joy to be at a fair that was so friendly, with so much space and very well organised. I had a massive stall area to play with which is always so nice. I hate being rammed table end to table end in a grotty light-less hall. This was a theatre - blissful hall and so sunny (when Jamie opened those wooden shutters)
I am in no way ashamed to admit, i had my small Christmas Tree up and was selling early decorations. Why not? People were enjoying them and buying them so i make no apologies for it.

I love looking at the stalls all set up - 2 mins till the Fair opens to the public (stall holders grabbing drinks and toilet stops, worrying about where we parked our vehicles for the day...)

Lovely lovely JANE Charles and her wonderful felt items. Isn't she great? watch this space for her own etsy shop http://buysmallbeans.etsy.com

Her items have an almost scandinavian look to them? and Jane herself was wearing fab clothes (wish i'd got her in a shot now...)
A lady selling her paintings - she was telling me she is a keen photographer too and this was her first fair! Great artwork lady x

Cake Makers / decorators, mmmmm.... look at that castle - it is darling!
Oh... and, ummmm they were selling cupcakes too so i HAD to have one....
I would love to be really slim and wear tiny jeans and tight vest tops, BUT... i think i like cake even more than i want to be thin (i tell myself i'm feeding my hour glass figure)

Cute, cute, cute.... this lady is fresh from Art School - cast out into the big bad world and she ended up next to me.... poor / lucky her (depending on how you view it)

She is Jessica Sharp and you can see some of her stuff here: http://nellieandelsie.etsy.com but again, this is a virgin etsy shop so keep watching, there is more good to come from Jessica (ooohhh, teacups and whimsy and seaside shells and nostalgic letters)

I didn't get a chance to catch this lady's name but she was a stunning artists - and needs to keep her stuff to galleries as she was soooo good and her stuff is much too divine (and heavy) to be carting around to fairs.

Jamie's Wife.... "Mrs Chalmers". Now, no offence J, but i'm pleased i have a pic of your good lady rather than yourself. You are such a limelight gent and your wife was so quiet - she is also far better looking :) "Hello MrsXstitch - it was lovely to meet you" x

Schmooze himself, MrXstitch had a really lovely, simple and galleresque display of Cross Stitch pictures he had swapped with other cross stitchers / embroiderers / contemporary needlefolk.
There were some great pieces....

I really liked this picture>>>>> but i want to clarify, this day was far from being 'pants'. It was great. Thanks J, thanks Carole, thanks to all of those who came along, it was nice to meet previous internet customers!! get to know new people and share the enthusiasm for crafting.

Back to the grindstone.... x


janebean said...

:-)))))- thanks for the plug Kirsty! I did have a lovely day, felt very honoured to be in the same building as 'kirsty - felt queen' how giddy. I have taken pictures today for the shop so just got to work out how to do the rest.......children will be having pot noodles and toast until I manage it!

That Crafty Fish! said...

i have heard pot noodles are very nutritious.....?

Mrs B said...

wowzers! it looked fabby! your stall is just so inviting! I had it on large so I could make believe shop

tiny jeans.....pah! That looked like a lemon cup cake to me and they should never, ever be ignored!! eat cupcakes, wear playsuits! x

Judith said...

Wow it looks like you were surrounded by some really yummy stuff including your own x x

weeseaweed said...

more cake! and more craft stalls of your quality! that looked like a top-dollar fayre to me. shame a lot of folk don't know craft can be that good...

That Crafty Fish! said...

more cake, more craft, more fun - indeed x

Jennifer Rose said...

looks like a wonderful fair to be a part of. that castle cake is gorgeoous

Alison said...

Wasn't it a lovely event. I only got the chance to buzz by your stall quickly and you weren't there so didn't get to have a proper chat. Hopefully bump into each other at the next one :)


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