"Men at Work"

AAaaaahh, my very cheeky and very cute nephew.... Playing tunnels at the local Visitors Farm :)
We had him overnight this Summer - he's only 2 x we had a great time.
I need to be around little boys and try to get some idea of what they like!?!?
I spent a bit of time with some other small boys too and this is what my extensive and comprehensive research showed ::
Little Boys like:
Combine Harvesters
(BOY lavender bags below - you know, for their Pyjama drawer)
They also like:
and diggers.
I think my nephew might be having a DIGGERS themed birthday party in October!
Do me a favour, and let me know if you come across any items that are currently available and party related with the theme of.... DiGgErS x
thanks x


Menopausal musing said...

You took me back 24 years with this one.... my son's first word was "digger"....... we were living at that time on a new housing estate and our walks always had to include a visit to stand like a pair of groupies leering at JCBs. x

That Crafty Fish! said...

i thought it was because we live, ya know, in the country! but apparantly yes! Diggers do it for little boys :)

Mrs B said...

oh tell me about it, many an hour stood watching diggers!!! I am actually a bit of a fan myself! x

lusummers said...

yep diggers for little chaps - and tractors and forklifts and lorries and buses and everything else on your list. and diggers. and diggers. and diggers. never quite got it myself (but then we all know i'm a shitty farmer's wife don't we?)

Victoria Ann said...

My little boy is 7 and he likes animals , not forgetting little ones which he puts unders his microscope!! (worms, beetles and spiders).


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