LOVING Emma Bridgewater....

Aaaaaahhhh - Love, love, Loving Emma Bridgewater right now, with a capital L!
On Tuesday, I drove my Mum and I up to Stoke-on-Trent which is about 2 hours from us! (not an easy drive but worth it)
I liked Emma B's stuff before but didn't own any.
Now, after a day with 'Emma', i just luffs her ..... We started with a cup of coffee and a cake in the cafe.... i know it sounds dumb but they use the EmmaB plates and mugs and napkins even in their cafe... i don't know why i thought they wouldn't??
Then we had a tour of the factory.
There were only 8 of us in the tour so it was long and we got to ask lots of questions.

The lovely gentleman above is throwing plates. I did have a little go myself! Well, you know me, they asked for a volunteer and i love to get involved...
The plate i threw is actually being used and is probably already fired! To *think* somebody, somewhere, will be eating out of an EmmaB bowl that i threw.

This lady is smoothing over all the 'seams' in the clay that happen when they come out of the moulds. Making it all nice and smooth. Every stage of the EmmaB pottery process is done by hand, here in England. You wouldn't believe how many items they can get done in one day!!

Birdie Egg cups - this load has been through it's first firing in the kiln. They will get glazed and then go through again. If the pattern is from a 'decal' (transfer) rather than hand painted then they go through the kiln a third time before they are ready for sale...... just *think* of their energy bills!? whoa!
Trolleys full of mugs - mainly the Robin design here. These are waiting outside the 'checking' area where the products are all 'fault checked' x they looked sooooo colourful all in rows.

Now, this man above is dipping plates in glaze. They have been fired and are now getting their first glaze before their 'decals' and their second glazing. He was so damn fast, it made you *wow*.

The yellow here is from using the 'decal' and will fire off in the third kiln process. You wouldn't believe how labour intensive each piece is.
I loved asking all the questions. I loved seeing each stage. I loved how friendly they were and how long some of them have been working at EmmaB!
After the tour we went back to the cafe / shop / pottery studio>>>>>>>
This was a trip i was organising for me and my mum - she turned 60 this year and we did have a big party but also, many friends and family have organised trips, holidays and surprises for her throughout the year. THIS day was my contribution.

Lots of yummy stock in the shop! Naturally all the additional products are sourced out to other companies and abroad for production. You can't blame them? It's bloo*y amazing they get to even produce their pottery in the UK anymore.

My glamourous Mother, painting her very own mug in celebration of her 60th year. She was nervous as she isn't confident with things like this - but her mug look ace>>>>>>

Obviously this is PRE-fired. We get our items back in a week or two via post.

I was making a mini-jug with just masses of hearts and spots and 'stuff' on..... well, I am not 'known' for my minimalism am i friends!? haha x I promise to show you the finished piece on its return.
And I MUST introduce Paul and Tracy below>>>>
No, i 'must' because i promised them i would! ***HELLO*** and we have them to thank for such a wonderful afternoon of coffee, cake, sandwiches and pottery painting tips. "You made it great fun guys!" x
It all seemed to end toooooo soon. So we had a quick chance to buy one or two EmmaB bits from the shop before having to hit the motorway to get home for the child.
I ADORE the new patriotic range with it's red and blue bunting (yippeeee!) and hand stamped union jacks. So i bought this hUge mug for my morning tea x

And i also bought this lovely tin and it says 'Truly Great'.
And we did have a 'Truly Great' time.
And i would recommend it to anyone.
And, right now, I am LOVING Emma Bridgewater X X X

(i'm off to write her a letter, to tell her much i love her and stuff. Sad? or Mad? x)


Amanda Sainsbury said...

I love her stuff too! Plus I live near a town called Bridgwater so feel 'conected' (in a non-stalkerish way of course :)

KirstyFish said...

hahaha x thankyou Amanda!

bex said...

thats not mad!! dont worry, it looks amasing! glad you had a good time

nickynackynoo said...

Lucky you. I too Loooove Emma Bridgwater - we have mugs, tins, lunchboxes, plates, bowls.... I'd love to decorate my own there too.

Anonymous said...

what a fabulous day - and even more fabulous idea for a treat for mamafish (whose mug turned out wickedfab btw)! i have eb's pink and red hearts bits in my kitchen *beams* the apron and mitts and... now i am drooling over those mugs and melamine cups to match - and it's all your fault, fishy! xxx

KirstyFish said...

I know! and when you see it all in one place it is even better! xxx

The Dotty One said...

This looks like such a fun day - you and your mum must have had such a good time! i'm off to find out about the tour now! Thanks for the info :o)

Lauren said...

that looks like a great day out, i went to uni in Stoke and love the pottery shops. I feel a need for a visit to get some goodies and some inspiration.

Hope your mug and jug turn out well. looking forward to seeing them finished (if you share that of course).

Jennifer Rose said...

I've never heard of Bridgewater before, really nice looking stuff :D

sounds like a great time was had :D

Rhiannon said...

So jealous! I've loved EB for years (or at least it seems like it) and was very lucky to get the pink hearts teapot for my birthday last year AND a matching milk jug at Christmas (my aunt is amazing)

Now I just really really need to get my arse in gear and find out if a train goes that way from Birmingham (I suspect the answer is yes...)


Mrs B said...

oooooooh yes I am planning my birthday treat already.....yes I knooooooooooooow its in September, but if I start talking about it now it will filter through MrB consciousness just in time for my 42nd birthday! x

nb how like your mum is maisie, I can't believe it!

Lynsey said...

Oooo am exceedingly jealous of your day out..where is it? apologies if you have already said! x

louise35flower said...

oh I am sooo jealous I would love to have a go at my own Bridgewater mug and I love your Mums design, very clever use of the hearts!


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