Cafe Sunday...

aaahh - a rare treat!
Sunday Coffee out with my Sister. Lucky us, to get an hour or two to sit and chat and Sunday browse... We went to Olney ***waves at Olney readers*** ("Local Craft Matters" is out now guys, go grab your free copy!)
That is my Little Sister, totally dreaming and worrying about what to do with her life.
And below, why tis me! Oh, I am wearing that Beret again... it isn't cosmetically sealed to my head, promise! It was raining and i need a haircut... why do i have an odd gurning grin on my face???

Olney, Rose Courtyard - it has a great little Craft and Art gallery and also a brilliant Craft / Paper / Stamping shop L.B.Crafts... it was raining when we sat in but the sky did brighten for a while on Sunday...
I managed to grab the Fruit and Veg Men in the Market Place just as they were packing up for the day. I filled a big bag with oranges / lemons/ limes and grapefruits for about £3 and then went home to 'Juice' them, mmmmm x

And my Sis holding up theeee cutset little Spring Cotton Skirt that i bagged in the Charity Shop for £2.50. What a find!? it is so sweet.

Cafe Sundays my friends... it's what the rest of the week was made for! x


Rhiannon said...

looks like a lovely afternoon :)
and all that citrus! For £3! mmmm i can smell it all just sitting here :)


Mrs Gibson's Atelier said...

I love Olney it is such a treat going there, as long as you can find a parking space hahaha. Great little village.

Jennifer Rose said...

that is one big mug! o.0 and a lot of fruit for that price.

Mrs B said...

as always, I WANT to be there! To share coffee and conversation, with kindred spirits, pootle around, spy and buy together and come away from a few hours feeling refreshed! I miss you x


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