I was feeling French today...

I couldn't work out, why i was feeling French today?
I just felt all continental and have had to fight the urge to speak in a pathetic stereotypical French accent alll day.
But i think i managed to trace it back to that croissant i had for breakfast...
So, i shall work backwards... this is me pondering the last few button shots i had to do today. I wanted to get them listed in the shops and then get back to a bit of sewing for a change.
This is the table cloth i made today...
A table cloth obviously isn't 'Rocket Science' of the sewing world but i was super happy with it. It looks very 'al fresco' and, even though i know enough to realise that is 'Italian speak' i still felt French.

I made this bunting yesterday and listed it today.
It is grown-up and quite chintzy YET with a hint of a 'Chateaux' (spelling?) so again, you see I have been feeling French!?
I listed this elephant and for some reason I am convinced he ran away from a nasty circus RingMaster who just happend to be.... yes, you guessed it - French!

Last of the new buttons - listed in BigFish - Limited Edition, only 9 packets.

And these Chunky Mothers - again limited edition... nothing at all to do with feeling French but I am telling you what i did today...
And then, with all this 'French-ness' going on around me i remembered!
I went to ASDA this morning to do some food shopping (most hated task) Anyway, ASDA is nowhere near me.... i had to drive out a way.... but ASDA is next door to IKEA!!
And, when i accidentally took a wrong turn into IKEA before ASDA (an e a s y mistake to make my friends) i remembered i hadn't had any breakfast this morning.
SO... I was feeling French today... because i started my day with a Coffee and Croissant.
Every bit of this tale is true.
(Except for the bit when i said i took a wrong turn into IKEA, because blatantly that was always part of my Master plan)


Jennifer Rose said...

ikea is evil! :p tempt people in with cheap food and storage solutions and drive you nuts by putting you into a rat maze :p

Mrs B said...

raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar nononononon!! (thats french for no....I WANT to play too!) Ikea is tres magnifique!!! x

nb you look beau x

Menopausal musing said...

Ooh, la! la! . . . Lovely post Kirsty, fresh and fun. x

KirstyFish said...

hahaha!! JenniferR E X A C T L Y !
Ah, the storage solutions!
Ooh lala J' non speakie any French x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Never mind my dear... start tomorrow with http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/hazelnut-cinnamon-rolls-recipe/index.html and have an italian day!

The last time (and first) I went to an Ikea we walked around it in a backwards dirrection.... we were lost and clueless as to how it worked... we started in the warehouse commenting on "this is a bit funny, how do you know whats in the boxes" and ended up in the showroom... proclaiming " oh now I get it!" walking against the tide of people should have given us a clue! ;D

x Alex

louise35flower said...

Oooh breakfast in IKEA now that sounds good!

Lol - PinkFeatherParadise :D

Rhiannon said...

I frequently find myself wishing I could "accidentally" go to ikea, but sadly the lack of car is something of a hinderance :(

On the other hand, french-ness is to be much encouraged, and I find that eating croissants for breakfast has that effect on me too :D


pouch said...

j'adore the elephant, lovely design :)


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