craft for your Life??

Sometimes i get tired of 'internet selling' but NOT of my customers or my products... it is the constant sense that i am 'playing with the big kids'?
I get exhausted by the retail conveyor belt and the 'promotion' and the time it takes to find Ones customer and show what is on offer... The Craft stall isn't like that at all. It feels completely different.
Sometimes it hurts to the core when a customer openly declares to your FACE! that they don't like the crafts of your labour!! But i am ever thankful there are only ever the odd mad person who is so tactless!
(Photo p.s. that awesome teacup is from my dear LUPIN and worn proudly by me)

Having the "PaperFish Craft Stall" means i can make one-off pieces that don't fit any of my internet shops. I can make cards, for example, which is what i started out making (back in the day...) but i wouldn't dream of marketing them online because it takes masses of energy and time to market well... and that can remove some of the fun and satisfaction from the crafting itself!
And when I am tired of commercial crafting - i still want to 'make stuff' but having a craft stall means i can make things for my friends and family (and self) but make a few extra items too, to show to Mr and Mrs Joe Public.
When my Crafting Career is a little exhausting and i feel a bit like a craft machine - then i PLAY with my paper and pens and paint and felt and fabric and i see what happens when i take away all the rules and deadlines and commercialism.
I live to craft
but i don't craft for my life, if you know what i mean? x


Julie said...

I know whatcha mean. I so love the one on one interaction you get selling in person and getting to make little things that you don't normally.

Menopausal musing said...

YOU rock.... (and don't you forget it!!) x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I have to admit I panic about what people think of my creations... they way they pick it up and put it down after inspecting it... having done it myself at times I know they are only crafters looking to get new ideas, or to see if they could do it better... I dislike selling my stuff as I am unable to talk about it in a promotional manner.... i think if I were to ever gather enough things together (which is unlikely, as I always seem to give it away before I can consider selling I think I would have to get my mum to sell the items for me and I will sit way in the background... in case of questions arising...
Someone told me that you have to have public liabiltiy insurance and that items have to be tagged with care and disclaimer information... is this right?

and you do definitely ROCK!

take care
Alex x

That Crafty Fish! said...

I love saying things "Rock!" it sort of means fun and loud so, thankyou! ( i think? )
Many places need you to have insurance but there are many more that don't. I have never had any ... yet! but insurance is one of those things... you don't need it till you need it!

DawnWillBreak said...

I love your buttons, I favorited your shop a long time ago and then yesterday came across you on here, which is funny.

Great shop!



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