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Hello!!... so, i made lots of brooches over the past few weeks (as blogged previously) so i have been trying to find a sunny 10 minutes in the day to photgraph some for PaperFish I LOVE these tea cup images i downloaded from the net, i couldn't resist using them as a background for my photographs...
But these pictures are here to just to punctuate the post - i was really going to tell you that I am off to the Craft Trade Fair in Birmingham tomorrow for a lovely look around x i'd love to take you all but there is simply no room in the car :( lots of stalls all trading their creative lovliness. I am on the hunt for one or two new suppliers and *she hopes* a few exciting new things for the BigFish shop!

I will try to take lots of great pictures to share with you and i hope to upload them soon and tell you all about the great stuff i saw...

I also wanted to say one or two "SO SORRY"'s to anyone who had their parcels delayed by the snow! We had terrible trouble here and the Postal Service was so delayed. I think we are all back on track now though.
Thanks for your patience and understanding !

Put the kettle on, be back soooooon x x x


bex said...

the brooches look great, the back drop is a great idea! have fun in birmmingham

Blooming Felt said...

Have fun in Birmingham - I went yesterday and managed to spend an absolute fortune !!

Sarah x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Have fun, don't spend all your
the brooches are lovely, so bright and cheery!

X Alex

Rhiannon said...

A craft fair in Birmingham?! But I live there and no-one told me!

The brooches look lovely, but that teacup paper? AMAZING. I'm sure I've seen it somewhere though for the life of me I can't be sure where

Have fun here in the brum tomorrow and if you get time to go into th ecity check out Hudson's Tea Rooms off Victoria Square, its one of the nicest places I've found yet

pouch said...

have fun in Birmingham! I am up there on Saturday for a recycled fashion fair near the Bullring, should be good:


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