The Snow has had its advantages...

Is there a UK Blogger who hasn't written and photographed this fantastic snowfall??
Don't worry, I am not uploading my entire family album "February Snow 2009" - just one shot of me and the SmallFish. The snow has been BRILLIANT and BOY! have we walked and walked and sledged and tramped and walked... the exercise, fun and relaxation was most welcome!
And I have managed to sit in front the lovely open fire and finish off many brooches. Some were new designs, some are a wholesale order, some are going to be made into 'wholesale' packs. All are fun, colourful, cute and a bit eccentric - well what else would you expect?
Loving my darling Dachsunds - These have been designed and produced 'under influence' from Christmas 2008 customers who wanted MORE Dachsund items. Everyhting with little dogs sold well in 2008 and so, who am i to argue? In fact, i agree whole-heartedly x

Then, i got this divine new linen fabric from japan with fantasy mushrooms and storybook ladybugs. They translated so well into the NeedleBook pattern. Every time i have a new design i say "this is my favourite" and the new woodland beauties are no exception: "These are my favourites!!"

Like a few of the 'Avenue Books' i have added little designs to the Pocket page. I couldn't resist as the fabric is so inspirational.

The first is in pink (Don't worry Heather, i can make you an identical book!) This one is listed in FOLKSY only - Click on the Fish photo near the top righthand column if you want to see the Folksy shop in ££££ x

Cute little Hedgehogs running across the pocket page - One of a kind as the design was cut from the Selvedge edge on the fabric.

Also available in the more earthy look of greens and browns and reds.
Oh the joy of sewing x
Plenty more *new* things to show you soon! Life was good this week. Snow Fun, Sewing Fun, Photography Fun, Sunshine days ... life couldn't get much better x love to you all.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Our snow is all gone, we are back to rain and cold horrible dampness! yhuek!
I love your badges and needle books, I am busily crocheting flowers and popping your buttons in the mddle of them, they look fab!

X Alex

meplusmolly said...

Fab, fab, fab!!! We've had no snow down here.
Hope you're all keeping warm, looks like you had a great time in the snow. Brooches look v cute!
BIG thanks for my parcel of goodies, I'll post what I make when I get a chance. supposed to be getting everything ready for the contemporary textiles fair now! ;0 xx

KirstyFish said...

Our snow has been magnifique!! We still have lots of it too - trudging through the fields with the dog and child, i swear i have lost half a stone in weight through extreme snow walking!

Anonymous said...

Oh the needle books are so pretty - each time you make a new one, I'm like this is my've excelled yourself with these ones lady! x

bex said...

The new books look ace!! it must be so great to make somthing that looks as good as that!! the new fabric is great!

Erin said...

very cute! & original!

Julie said...

I agree too! The doggie brooches are adorable!

Heather said...

Hi Kirsty,

I now have my 2 minutes of fame! I cant wait for the needle book. The colours on your blogspot make me smile everytime! Keep the rainbow bright Kirsty.

Heather X

Jackie said...

In answer to your first question..Yes. There's me. We didn't get any to speak of. Boo hoo


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