More Buttons ...

I just had to show you more buttons!
I had a new delivery today and my dad happend to be visiting, sat in the kitchen having a quick coffee ... anyway, even HE said to me "you'll need more of those spotty buttons my love"
and i said "dad, as soon as i put the phone down from ordering the buttons i KNEW i should have got more spotty ones" I sold a pack before they were even listed in the shop!
Pure Polka Dot Heaven button fans x


Nicole said...

That is a wonderful quote from your dad. He knows his girl! And yes I do want spotty-dotty buttons, thanks :-}

Kirsty Fish x said...

Oh Nicole x
My ole Pa is my number one supporter!
He knows his girl as it is like a mirror to his own eccentricities! lol

Shauna said...

oh those buttons are delicious!! I neeeeed to get some more from you soon, it's a matter of my happiness!! :) lovely.


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