Look at 'Your' Freebies

Look what those excellent people at 'Clipper-Teas' sent me? Sample packs of Coffee and Tea (yummy)
I wrote to them giving them some advise on their packaging and marketing strategy (honestly, i did! ... Coming from me?!!??) Well, they didn't ignore me as i fully expected. The very next day, I was sent TEAs and COFFEEs in abundance.
Now - these yummy sample packs will be FREE gifts on my 'Handmade & Fairtrade' stall and at my next 'Craft Cafe' x Lucky customers x for CLIPPER tea is super tasty, as well as being Organic and Fairtrade.
Thanks Clipper x


Lazy Giraffe said...

How lovely of them! :)

Kirsty Fish x said...

They have totally convinced to buy their tea and coffee for my 'Craft Cafe' too x good on them!


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