Handmade - the pleasure of made to measure

Lucky lucky me -look what I am wearing and look at my new bag.

The pleasure of Handmade is not just, 'look what i make - look what i sell'
The pleasure of handmade is also the fact that somebody ELSE can be paid to make something for you! NOT High Street, NOT made unethically, NOT likely to see my friends wearing this ...

This bag was always destined to mine ... and, if I'm honest, so was this Aysla top. Both items from Abi Bansal Design on etsy.
I was worried about getting an item of clothing 'made to measure'. I was worried it wouldn't fit or i won't like it... you can't return it!

Worries unfounded. I love it. It fits beautifully. The fabric is wonderful. It is quality made. And the Pom Pom bag is a joy to use.
Thankyou Abi, i hope i model it well?!

P.s. Abi is currently custom making me a second top ... and this is just the beginning of my Abi Bansal wardrobe.
Pop into her shop? You'll love it x http://abibansaldesign.etsy.com


oldbagcrafts said...

OMG that top is fabulous! I am going to have to sell a lot to get me one of those!

Abi B said...

YAY! thanks im so glad you like it. fab post and you wear it well :)

Alexandra said...

Love your top, knew you would. I love my abitop.

Kala said...

that is gorgeous, can't wait til mine is done!


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