Jimmy Pickles x

One of THEEEEEE best things about running a craft stall and selling in my little boutique, is that i get to shop 'wholesale'. Not just for supplies and from my Fairtrade suppliers, but also on etsy.
I love to provide my customers with something *NEW* and exciting that they can only get from me xSo i was really excited to find Jimmy Pickles over on etsy (from the US)
They design and sell these awesome 'wristlet keychains' and since i bought mine, i can't think what i ever did without it.

An ETSY LESSON learned: When they arrived i was so impressed and i realised THIS is how a perfect etsy experience should be. They were beautifully made and designed. Gorgeously packed. Efficiently dispatched. Their branding is wonderful ... i just can't sing their praises enough.
Hooray for ETSY and all it's handmade goodness. I don't want to shop anywhere else.
And thankyou Jimmy Pickles, for giving a good sharp lesson in how to be a better retailer!

This is how i packaged them for my shop - including the pretty business cards and FREE sweets they sent me x

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