Local Fund Raiser - Garden Fete

My usual Craft Stall events are Christmas Craft Fairs which can be quite large and busy. Putting up the PaperFish Craft table at my local Village 'Garden Fete' was so much more fun and relaxed.

There were only a handful of stalls and Games, alongside Cream Teas and Childrens Craft tables.
Despite the dull picture!!! - It was a really Sunny day and me, being the only lady who forgot her Gazebo, got burned!

Have a nose around the table ... i always imagine my stall to look STUPENDOUS but somehow, i feel it always 'fall short' x

P.S, ever the crafter, i did make the BLUE fold out stand to hang cards / brooches from. Upcycled from some groovy 70's Cupboard doors.

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debsmuddle said...

well done your table looks excellent


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