Vintage Me...

There is no need to 'beat about the bush' here. I needed a Vintage Fix - and i needed one today.
I had 2 children with me on saturday day and night. They were up, washed, dressed, fed and dropped with Grandma by 9.30am. I had a window of 2 hours, during which i wanted peace - imaginings - shopping and a coffee..... i deserve it. Everyone deserves things that make them feel better about their world.
Royal Leamington Spa *sigh* i lived here in my heady youth. For a few years in a student house (a nice one you know, no squat) and then i had my own bedsit for a year or so - bliss. Such a pretty place to live.

So i parked up beyond the bandstand and took a Sunny walk round to the Old Pump Rooms. A perfect venue for a Vintage Fair.

I like it when a fair has Bunting outside, It sort of feels right and proper. It is a good beginning to any fair.

I dabbled and browsed. Going for a quick 'recon' past every stall quickly... before taking a second slower look at the goodies.
 Excuse the lack of stall photos. I was at the fair in my capacity as a needy, tired middle-aged hag, rather than as a journo-bloggist-wannabe-something.

This was a dandy stall. The lady knew what she was dealing in and what was contemporary taste (if that is such a possible thing? contemporary vintage? what an oxymoronic phrase)

Her pricing was spot on. Somethings were really expensive - but they were worth that money. Her goodies were desirable.... i wanted the fat green bread bin - see it up high in the middle? it was fantastic. It was £44. Even with a quick haggle and a deal, my life is not one that allows me to indulge £40 in a bin... for my bread... you understand.

I did desire this Flour bin though. So much that i did indeed buy it (twas much cheaper than the bread bin). It is a funny thing but i have been looking to get a flour bin for a while now. I could have held out for a good Car Boot to find my treasure but i neeeeeded to come home with something today. I needed a 'pretty' in my car, to help me feel good and soothed (pathetic? yes, i know)

Then, i managed to have a brief coffee. Alone. In peace. With an eldery gentleman beside me eyeing my Flour bin - most probably bemused at why i was sharing a cup of coffee with it on a Sunday morning.

Aaaah Thrifty Lovers - you'll know how this was. How sweet it was to be alone and browse and dream. I am very guilty of forgetting i am a person - outside of being a mum and all those other stressful weekday demands.
I fully intend to start treating myself better.
And not feel too guilty about being an indulgent Vintage Me x


Mrs Gibson said...

Oh how lovely it must have been ....and well done you for giving yourself the time off and treating yourself to awesome kitchenalia.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

What a lovely place LSpa is.
I agree about the bunting outside, it feels good and proper, especially during the summer.

£40 for a bread bin? As nice as it is I'd have to live on bread and beans for a month for persuade Mr Thrifty that it was a good but.

Love that bag, love, love it.

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

That flour tin has made me green and it's bigger than mine but alas I cannot feel too bad as it went home with you Lovely Fishy and you do so deserve such a fine treat!

Bobo Bun said...

Too right, you can only be a good mummy and crafter if you're good to you too.

That yellow basket and red scarf look great together.

Lisa x

Lucy Jackson Designs said...

I love your basket and scarf combo, verry nice. i like the little set of drawers next to the table.

LPFish said...

awww )))((( THOSE drawers Lucy, were how i found the Bread Bin. I lookedat the drawers - was about to buy them when i saw they were £120 not £20 as i first assumed (gulp!) then i saw the bin under the table.
It is a great size for my differing bags of bread flour, ya know x

meplusmolly said...

Ah lovely fishy one. I did some thrifting recently, an ol' suitcase which I need to rescue with some tlc, some ol' farm crates for display purposes and a vintage french coat which this mo is at the dry cleaners having a blooming good clean before it returns to me and a spot of fixing and embellishing. *sigh* tis all good ;0 X

Pink Blossom Creations said...

How lovely it looks, well done on having some 'me' time.
Fab purchase and I too am loving the bag with scarf.
Caroline x

Claire Mackaness said...

I have that breadbin! infact I posted about it today and linked to your post

Gherkin said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time being you instead of Mummy. It's good to remember who you are. I love it!

PS tagged you on a photo meme. Have a look at me blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm very jealous ... that's my home town and even after 18 years I miss being there .... the fair looked lovely, I wish I'd known about it, it would have been a good excuse for a visit!

Anonymous said...
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Caroline and Jayne said...

Oh i love your photos xxx


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