Pumpkin Head

I need to apologise to Dorothy!
Dear Dot, i am sorry that you asked me to make a Pumpkin Brooch and i said i couldn't as i really doubted that i would have the time... But the thought of it played on my mind continually.... and then i DID make one! and i love him:) i love my pumkin head and i am sorry i didn't make one for you too.

So, i made him specifically to wear for my CRAFT CAFE next week but, it seems i have been enjoying him a little too much prior! I wore him to our little Harvest Festival and i wore him in the art room and i wore him to the Post Office...
Sorry i did not make you a Pumkin Head too Dot. Forgive me?

P.S the CRAFT CAFE is in Boddington: Thursday 29th October 10am - 12pm. Don't be late x


Mrs Gibson's Atelier said...

That it uber cute! I want one!

Mrs L said...

Hiya Kirsty, yours does look very cute but i have to say i am rather attached to the one you 'forced' me to make thanks to your generous freebie fabric. i made a few, kept one and sold the rest for cancer research last night at a pink girlie get together. Photo evidence to follow. Happy Halloween. Dotx

That Crafty Fish! said...

oh DOT!!! that makes me so happy :) i am chuffed that your is, i do not doubt, a million times more polished than mine xxx


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