in my car, i am king....

i took these photos a while back... as a planned page for one of my 'scrapbooks'.
i don't know whether there are others *out there* who feel the way i do about driving? i am so very thankful my parents made me learn to drive the day i turned 17yrs.... in my car, i am king. Not in an arrogant, road rage kind of a way, but in a way that makes me feel SUPERB! i love the freedom that my car affords me. My driving licence is the passport that tells me, each and every morning "today, you can do whatever you want. You can go wherever you chose...." and in that breath, i feel totally free. i would give up so many things in my life, long before i gave up my right to drive.
The passenger seat carries my essentials: Shopping that i got. The handbag i take with me. The scarf i might need if i feel like one.... an old apple core... the foot well filled with half drunk bottles of water.
The car is mine and mine alone. i choose the time. i choose the pace. i choose the music. i choose the place.
In the RAIN, it is pure heaven. I adore the water lashing at the windscreen and the radio up half blast (hey, i'm no teenager with mega speaker systems...)

the world is my oyster.
my daugter always sleeps peacefully, strapped into the backseat.
I'm not a particularly 'good' driver and but, since my attendance at "speed school" i am a safer driver.
I wonder if MrsB has this sense of control, freedom, adultness, peace, when she runs?

it's okay, i'll drive myself :)


Jennifer Rose said...

I can't drive, horrible tunnel vision when I try. I'm fine being a passenger as long as I know where we are going lol but getting lost can be fun sometimes too

Realicoul said...

I wish i could drive :( I had a moped when I lived out in crete, that was amazing. Total freedom and whizzing about with the hot sun and warm air on me, whist I attempt not to loose my flippers off the back was just the best feeling, i miss Greece :(

dottydaisies said...

you are missing the empty chocolate wrappers!!!!

Rhiannon said...

I miss driving soooo much. I still get to do it on the odd occassion I go to visit my parents, but we're just too poor and live in an area where the public transport is too good to warrant us getting a car. Which sucks. Especially as sometimes the only decent way to blow off steam is get in a car, turn the music on to something that's a little angry, quite a bit louder than norml and designed to sing along to and just drive until you feel better....(although i hasten to add its driving in a very safe manner, not in a crashing into other cars manner)


Mrs B said...

Oh I love your fab red mini! IT is so you! A mini adventure! x ps how was speed school?!?!?! x

That Crafty Fish! said...

speed school was good thanks. The instructor was very 'hot' so the 2 hours flew by... :)

Mrs B said...

hilarious!!!!! You shocking Fish! x

Mrs B said...

this was the post that made me want to learn to drive! thankyou for being my inspiration...everyday in everyway! x


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