New Wellies...

Mmmmnnn - New Wellies... (colour loving)
I love my Wellies.... BUT... i feel i need to qualify this by clearly stating:
1. i do not drop my children at the inner city school in a large and very fuel consumptive 4x4 vehicle.
2. i have never been to Glastonbury.
3. i have never been to any outdoor music festival
4. i do walk my dog
5. i do work in my own garden
6. i DO live in the middle of the countryside!

"WELLIES............ they are for COUNTRY people....."

disclaimer **the views expressed in this blog post are my own and might not reflect the opinions of all Country Folk. This Wellie post does not set out to upset or offend City Wellie owners but, if you leave your wellies outside your city front door by accident, and you wake up the next morning and they are gone.... it was probably me what took them, and you should wear your shoes instead**


Jennifer Rose said...

lol well if the newspaper headlines start reading "Wellie Thief Strikes Again!", we know who is responsible ;)

Menopausal musing said...

If you want wellies, you have them! x Wonderful post. Will you and Mrs B do a "cooking in wellies" post? :o) X

Kitschen Pink said...

We have wellies - proper green country ones - don't want to scare the wildlife! Besides which my menfolk would disown me if I actually bought the wellies I wanted! t.xx (and I was quite chuffed to see that a neighbours pink Hunter's faded to a rather dull sludge colour. Although I don't know what she'd been walking through to cause that!)

Menopausal musing said...

PS: I love "Joules".... does little Miss Fish have any of their lovely stuff?.........x

Rhiannon said...

I got me some new wellies today too :) Mine are plain green, but still lovely.

I also feel I should justify being a city girl (though my parents still live in the country) and having wellies:
I don't have a car, so walk everywhere I can't get public transport (which is a 20 minute walk away - buses aren't practical, they get snarled in rush hour traffic).
I do have other shoes, which is fine in sunny weather
Have you tried walking along a busy road in ridiculous rain with cars driving past and splashing you recently? Have your feet stayed dry? I have. They haven't :(

[realise this sounds like an angry rant at you, which it isn't. Just a justification from a simple city girl with no other shoes that are water tight]

On the plus side, next time it rains I know we'll both be jumping in puddles (and in my case) scaring commuters :D
ps. Wish I'd found some decent coloured wellies - the only places that sold coloured ones I could have afforded were rather ghastly and looked uber flimsy - thank goodness for my local high street having a camping shop!
p.p.s I did read the disclaimer :P
p.p.p.s This is a lot of p.s's

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

LOL you are funny :-)
love the wellies as a fellow "living in the countryside and wears spotty colourful(ish) wellies"
although I dont think I could resist them if i lived in a town/city either :-D
Lesley x

Mrs B said...

arrrrrrrrr now you see I am a city girl too.....can I have some? I want some, I want some, I want some....MrsB throws herself to floor in toddler-esque tantrum! oh actually I don't have a 4x4 so I think I am ok....? x

Steph said...

beeeeeeautiful wellies :)

That Crafty Fish! said...

OK city folk.... you can have some too - but only wear them when it's raining!!! x
Rhiannon - hilarious!! xx

Bobo Bun said...

And country wellies have a different kind of muck on them too.

Hope they stay that gorgeous for a while longer.

Bigbluebed said...

I have wellies.
I am a city girl. But..I live by the sea. /In fact I am almost surrounded by sea (except near my house which would be lovely) but if I walk a few miles in either direction, except North, I will hit water and mud and those crunchy things that live in mud. No sand. Not that type of beach.

And I jump in puddles.

Mrs B said...

hahahaha bigbluebed! thats so 'peppa pig'! a heroine in chez B, for her puddle jumping prowess!

KFish - I think I have welly envy....'wenvy'?? x

Anonymous said...

Haha I work for a wellington boot company so I have lots of wellies :P I feel I should justify it though as I live on a farm, have 2 dogs to walk, chickens to sort out and a beehive with bees that quite fancy flying up my trouser legs, plus there are horses and they produce lots of smelliness to stand in, so I think that I am qualified to have as many as I do!

Grumpy said...

Those are pretty darned wellytastic. :)


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