...because i found a spare 5 minutes in my day...

Herby Shallots pickled in Balsamic Vinegar...
Yes, i did have a few spare minutes to whip this jar of pickles up. It's no hassle my time-keeping friends. I was at home yesterday anyhow - putting 7 loads of washing through the washing machine >>>washing line > >>back upstairs 'routine' (long story involving sick child and many washed duvets and bed linens)
Let me BEGIN by clearly stating, i don't think this is the very 'best' use of a bottle of expensive Balsamic vinegar...! I am not made of money but i had 2 un-opened bottles from Christmas gift sets so this seemed like a fine use for 1 of those spare bottles... So... about 500g (when peeled) of the smallest shallots i could find
250ml Balsamic vinegar
2 large teaspoons brown sugar
A few sprigs of Thyme
(I am not a huge Thyme fan. I have a large bush of the stuff but don't use it a great deal as it isn't to my tastes but i think it will suit these pickles)
A few twigs of Rosemary (LOVE this stuff - i have so much to tell you about Rosemary...)

Bung it all in a large heavy based saucepan>>> this is my BIG pan 'for all culinary occasions' everything gets cooked in here and it wasn't expensive...
Simmer for about 30mins till the onions are tender but still with a crunch to them - not all soft and saggy.

...Cool them off.
Pour into a Kilner Jar (or whatever you're using) i always sterilize my jars. I put the rubber rings into boiling water. I wash the whole jar in hot soapy water. I then put them in the warm oven for about 20mins.

I have only made this one jar with these ingredients.
Now it is sealed and i'm going to put it in the back of my cupboard for a month or two before opening at some impromtu family food gathering (of which there are many in my family!)
I worry they'll be quite over powering having just used the Balsamic vinegar but i imagine the brown sugar will ofset that.
Next time i will add Coriander seeds and Black Peppercorns too....


Mrs B said...

God i am there and so is my son!!! We love all things pickled. When I was pregnant with him, all food was drowned in vinegar, friends bought me jars of pickled onions as gifts!! I used to be caught sniffing bottles of white vinegar at work!! (FLorists super cleaner of choice!!) oooooooooh inspired! xxx

Steph said...

Oh that looks yummy. I have pan envy - it looks like a great one for cooking up allsorts of yummies :)

I love kilner jars. Is it me or do the new kilner jar wires look less substanstial than they used to? I myself am about to try out some pickling of sorts using a recipe for gooseberry and green peppercorn chutney (goosberries from the allotment!). I feel that the chutney would only look right in a kilner jar :)

Pomona said...

Looks delicious! Don't forget to report back when you have tasted them!

Pomona x

Bunnyhops said...

Yummy! Love Rosemary too : ) Even had it in my wedding bouquet & pots of Rosemary on all the tables. Zx

That Crafty Fish! said...

Did you?? I would have rosemary too if i got married!... that's a great choice x


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