Ahhh Birthday-ness!

I want to say THANKYOU for all my birthday merriments and salutations. I am never usually one to 'make a fuss' but it all turned out so pretty!
I had a pile of lovely gifts - don't worry, i won't show you them all.... but very Colourful and Cookery and Cath and Cute...
Mmmmm - Gift Tokens!
Aaaahhh - shopping! Me and the YoungFish under my NEW owl teatowels x PAPERCHASE (on my list of 3 High Street weakness')
Wearing the Tea-towels.... !
Tea and cake at Station Yard Antiques Barn in Chipping Norton. Look at all that lovely crockery!! I was in heaven but ManFish struggled to get his heavy hands around the tea-cup handle (i love him for trying though)

MMMMmm bargain pearl necklace we bought from Past Times for £5

I had my hair cut which is always a nice birthday feeling. My hairdresser doesn't think it looks too red though............. ?! i beg to differ (been trying to cut all that red out)

Blue Wrap Dress has birthday significance as I am wearing it today but it was a thrift find on my birthday travels.
AND - look.... a present to ME from LauraFallulah too! She is a total sweetheart and i adore it!
See you in August my lovely x

Birthday Blogging x


Pink Feather Paradise said...
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Pink Feather Paradise said...

I will try to spell it right this time!

Happy Birthday, hope you had a wonderful day!


Mrs B said...

Gorgeous!!! Hair, dress, wrapping paper, teacups....am swooning! Luuuuuuuuuuurve birthdays! xxx

Mrs B said...

is there a face one tho?????!!! Be vain like me!!

Rhiannon said...

Wow what an amazing day! So jealous of the cath vouchers - just entered a comp to win some but know I won't win!

As for those pearls and that dress - mwah! they are be-a-utiful!
Equally, Paperchase is one of my most dangerous shops - if they went into retail with Cath and Accessorize I think my bank balance would scream even more than it does!

So glad you had a wonderful day

ps. Its not too red, i think its just right

louise35flower said...

Paperchase owls are my favourite at the moment I have quite a few things from the range! Love the new hair and the wrap dress you look divine!

Menopausal musing said...

Lovely piccies of what looked like a lovely birthday. x

laurafallulah said...

MWAH! Glad you had a good day my lovely. That china is amazing. Is that wrapping paper Caroline Gardner? I think I have the same one framed in my bedroom :)


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