The 'Charm Pack' ....

New stock item! I have called it the felt 'Charm Pack'.
12 different coloured pieces of up to 50% wool blend felt. I do lurve my acrylic felt and i prefer it for larger, more structured felt pieces, but these are a smaller pack useful for 'details' and smaller felt projects.
Each piece is 6 x 5 inch / 12 x 15cm so great for brooches etc...
The colours are all natural and muted - a far cry from usual BRIGHTS!

I made this little pin-cushion heart as a sort of experiment to see what it was like to layer and embroider... i like it more than i expected to actually and it is slightly softer than the non-wool felt.

These are the colours (i have named them all HERE)
They are for sale on my craft stall mainly as it is way too hard for me to cart around boxes of felt to all the craft fairs! So this Charm Pack was an easy size to have for sale on my travelling craft stall and at the Childrens Craft Workshops i run.

I LOVED making these toadstools from the pack too!
Available, to those who are interested: in FOLKSY £ and also ETSY $
I love a new product - it gets me all inspired x


saraeden said...

Ooooh i like !!
I bet they would make some great flower hair clips !!
I feel a bit of shopping coming on very soon ;0)

Sara x

nickynackynoo said...

Love the greens!

Jennifer Rose said...

very nice colour choice :)

KirstyFish said...

I keep trying not to get new stuff - that sounds a bit backwrads?? but i have to 'stop' at some point... it is just so tempting..... x

Mrs B said...

oooooooo tell me about it, I have just spent an unspeakable amount of money in the haberdashers!! Its not even wholesale!! Oh part of me wants to weep but the other part is just so pleased!! hee hee x x x x x

Victoria Ann said...

What a beautiful, colourful gem of a blog, I think I will be a regular visitor.

Love your crockery collection!

madboodesigns x


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