I'm not on holiday anymore

I returned from my week off to find a little list of sales to attend to .... always a pleasure!
But since then it has been full steam ahead. I have been making xmas decorations like a little factory. I find myself such a hard task master. I would ideally like to sack myself and employ someone less .... demanding.... But then, i'd never get any work done! X

Cut new buttons photo ahhhhhh x

New needlebook designs....


Blooming Felt said...

Hooray - you're back !! Hope you had a lovely time and a well deserved rest. Love the new tea themed needle case.

Sarah x

About me... said...

where on earth do you find your fun fabrics, like the ones in the needle books?? You should sell some scrap squares, I'd eat 'em up! Hope you had a good holiday!!

Lin said...

I love your creations!

Kirsty Fish x said...

you warm my heart ladies with your nice comments. I pick stuff up all over, wherever i go and ...etsy of course!


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