SALE TIME on Etsy....

You may not have heard the news...?
Lots of Etsy UK sellers are having a *sale* in their Etsy shops.
Just search in the handmade section of etsy for
"UK" items or "silly sale"
Many shops have a sale section - some have sale items listed throughout.
I have many older designs 'reduced to clear' also xxx

and many more shops.....
Take a look?


niftyknits said...

This sale is MASSIVE - I just found over 2000 Etsy UK silly sale items already reduced, and it's not officially started yet!

Andreja said...

Hi. I'm so glad that I found your blog. I loved your button story, I've checked it and look at me, I've placed the order. Hardly wait to get the shipment. I love your choise and feeling for colours. I wish you all the best and eventhough the fight for good supplies and prices is hard, don't stop. I will return with new order :))

louise35flower said...

Can't wait, I reckon I can get loads of xmas shopping done with a glass of red in my hand!!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

You are such a tease!
My felt balls just arrived, thankfully opened in private so no one (other than my cats who ignore me most of the time) had to witness my drooling.
p.s was at post office today...see I am trying to tease you back


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