It must be nice to swim with the Fishes...

 JUMBLE SALES - Rural Life still clings to it's long established fund raising traditions. People queue from far and wide to come to the annual WI Jumble Sale. The WI ladies have their own 'areas' and i don't think that order has been deviated from since time began. I forgot to thank Mary (on the coats and accessories table) for her large bag of fantastic pine cones she dropped round last week.
 I had to fight the WI Crockery Lady for this set of Staffordshire SUN plates (in yummy heavy glazed pottery) and the jug is just heart warmingly cheerful.
Dinner plates were specifically on my list of "Things to look out for at the Jumble Sale" so i was well chuffed with my little self. I had filled my bag with lambswool pullovers and Old Man trousers (for gardening) plus a Laura Ashley fabric wad (all on my list) and Marjorie was just emptying this lot from the 'box under the table' as i was leading my way out of the hall. MaFish and i don't need to communicate in words - she just took my heavy bag swiftly from me as i needed two elbows to get into the scrum and grab the crockery. It is years of fine tuning that makes a great salvaging team like this.
Please don't think i changed any names here - *any resemblance to real names and actual persons is not purely conincidence but actual and quite bewildering* sometimes i have to pinch myself that this Rural Community does really exist... because it feels like we all fell out of a Joanna Trollope novel.
 And i love the fact that they kept a box of stuff back to give to my mum later (for a future fund raising event) as they thought it was "too good for the Jumble Sale dearie"
And we looked inside to find OUR OWN donations that we had given to the Jumble Sale!
We chuckled.
 Later that day, back at home, and i helped PaFish with the shelving in the studio, inbewteen cooking 'Coq au Riesling' for supper. Give it 2 weeks and i *think* we are ready to start moving stuff in (don't jinx it Kirsty.... don't speak too soon....)

And, at the end of a wonderfully normal day, MaFish and SmallFish performed their very own, not very well rehearsed, chaotic and vastly amusing, CLOWN show :)

SmallFish's teacher said to us last week "It must be nice to live in her world" (i think she meant her internal world, ya know...) but it got me thinking... yes, it is nice to live in our world. Whatever happens, if we lost everything we own tomorrow. We'd still have each other. It is nice to swim with the Fishes for sure xxx


Vintage Tea Time said...

Yes, jumble sales, they're an endangered species - occasionally get them here, but its mostly Car Boots now. I love a good jumble sale rummage! You got some good stuff! And the Clown Show looks great!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

love this post! It sounds like our village :-) I do love a good rummage in a jumble sale or charity shop, treasure to be found :-)

Keepapi Creative said...

I adore jumble sales! Just found out there's one tomorrow. Time to change plans. Baby gets bought cake for his birthday! Do you find that there is a jumble season? usually early autumn & spring. Never in time for Christmas, darn it! Jacs x

PaperFish! said...

Def the 'Season' of Jumble! Occasionally a Spring one or two round here but basically the Autumn Activity xx

Anonymous said...

hun I must confess to shedding a little tear at that, just at the end - firstly the picture of mini and ma'am fish justing being so cool together; and secondly that minifish's teacher said that - what an amazing advert for your home schooling skills and the imagination of your baby. That the rold the both of you created is so wonderful teachers are in admiration of it. You my friend, are truly an amazing woman. I am a bit soppy. x

Fabric Nation said...

Keep swimming lovely lady. Just dipped in for a splash after a long bloggy break, and inspired as usual. xx

MegPS said...

I gasped when I saw your jumble sale haul, I grew up eating my supper on those 'sun' plates. I think my mum still has one left, so lovely.


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