Weekend Thrift-a-rama....

A typically English afternoon - bar one thing... it was sunny!! So, off to the local "Bric-a-Brac" sale in Dodford.
Cute Summer dress = check
Sunnies = check
Rogue Trader style 4x4 truck = check Super sweet vintage style bag = check
SmallFish...... = check... but WAIT a minute!!
Somebody wasn't too keen on a trip out thrifty hunting... "What's up PongoFish?"
"Mama, you forgot my purse and now i can't buy anything"....
Run back inside for the Little Hello Kitty purse = check!
She soon cheered up as we entered the Village Green - they had a full on BAND playing!! Cool! and oh so English. It was dreamy :)
So dreamy, i did forget to photograph all my purchases for you to share.... Herbs, a rug, some books, .... SmallFish's plastic turtle and 'Tigger' Cocktail stirrer....

Tea from a true Utility Wear 'Village Hall' cup and saucer (i wanted a second cup but they didn't sell their tea by the pot, mores the pity)
Dreamy dreamy cake... Victoria Sponge with real strawberries. OH be still my fluttering heart... this cake will make it to the Food Blog sometime, it was delicious.

The Plant Stall with Parasol - this thrift sale spilled out of the Village Hall, over the Village Green and away up the winding village road.
I sat in the sunshine, enjoying the band and swatting the wasps off my cake with this *new* old book (all about English gramar and punctuation - i could do with the tuition)

Oh English-ness, i did enjoy a warm slice of your pomp and circumstance this weekend. Thankyou for your eccentricity and love of Tea, Cake and thriftiness x x x


Jennifer Rose said...

I love that bag, its gorgeous :) sounds like a great day!

Bigbluebed said...

Oh for English fetes. Sounds lovely.

DawnWillBreak said...

Sounds like a really fun day :)

Mrs B said...

lets meet up.....RIGHT NOW! x

Suki said...

This is so idyllic... reading it made me feel summery even though it's raining and my husband said this morning, 'it feels like the end of summer'!.... Noooo!


That Crafty Fish! said...

aw, thankyou! it was such a lovely day i did want to evoke that feeling in others!!

SallyF said...

ooh I see some familiar crafting thingummys tucked away in all that lot. What a gorgeous picture of the minifish x


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