And the winner is....

Oh you all KNOW that i would love to send everybody something?!
I can't x but it's fun to put ourselves forward for stuff? "it could be me...." :) So, there are 3 winners of the GOODIE SURPRISE BAGS! don't worry, i'm going to make up 3 bags - you won't have to share 1 between you all x
ANNA - i left a note on your blog, did ya get it??
MENOPAUSAL MUSING - your blog wouldn't let me leave a comment so i'll try again
RHIANNON - i left you a blog note too
please let me know your postal address'
(don't worry, i won't send anything sinister mwaahhaa OR sell your details to the mafia)
So congrats to you my sweets, leaving me lovely comments!
And a genuine THANKYOU to old blog readers and new! xxx i've found some good new reads too x


Menopausal musing said...

Oh, WOW! THANK YOU. I feel a good weekend coming on............ Hope you have a wonderful one. x

silverpebble said...

I hopped over here from menopausal musing - oh here she is!

Nice ears.

Mrs B said...

I just love love love that picture of you in the ears! Brilliant! You know its going on our wall!! x

Anonymous said...

thanking you kindly kirstyfish!
what gorgeous pics of you and your littlefish.
i did get your blog comment and i replied to the email address i got with that. was it the right one? i'm SO excited. :)


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