Beep beep, beep beep, yeh....

There is a song somewhere, sometime... it has that line in it "Baby you can drive my car, ta da da"... New tiny tiny buttons called "Beep Beep Buttons"! The tiny button that make a BIG NOISE..... Another new collection - Limited Edition - 9 bags (no make that 8, i sold a pack last night) of, what i call: LIQUORICE ALLSORTED - you get why huh?
Then a few new mixes / combinations just to inspire people and give a bit of variety / choice to you button bags.... MAMA LOVES DISCO (miaaooww pussycat)

CHERRY PIE... mmm, a good mix of boutons, makes me want to eat PIE!

TICKLED PINK - my favourite of the new mixes. If 50g of each pinkish shade is too much for some customers, you can have a 100g mixed bag of the 3 pinky shades i have on offer.
These are only in at the moment but i hope to put them on Folksy too :)
Don't fear - that hasn't turned into a complete button blog! I am just in button mode right now... it'll soon be some other mental obsession.... x


Rhiannon said...

Oh how yummy! I especially want to eat the disco mix - think its calling to my inner Enumber fiend!


Jennifer Rose said...

those multi coloured buttons are gorgeous! *cries at empty wallet :p*

Karin said...

Well, the buttons are lovely, indeed. Especially the licorice buttons I think are adorable.

But did you really have to give your blogpost the title 'beep beep, beep beep, yeh...'? I have had that song in my head for two days already now!! ;-)

bex said...

they all look yummy!! you lucky thing!

DawnWillBreak said...

The song is "Drive my car" by the Beatles. cute stuff!


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