Taking a Break ...

I know!!!! SHOCK hOrRoR !!!! I am actually going to take a little break for a while.
I have been working way too hard recently. Have you seen the shops? Packed to the rafters with gorgeous new buttons, felt, bunting, brooches, badges ... I need a small break from 'making'...
So I am going to kick my feet up for a bit. No more 'new' things in the shops. But I won't be going anywhere...

A bit of blogging, because i genuinely love to BLOG.
A bit of a tidy up in the studio ... ok a BIG tidy up in the studio.
I am going to have a small party for some friends.
Sort out the Christmas stock into an easy system (pprrrrp)
Photo the new 2008 Christmas items
But generally, take it easy for a while - see my 'easy updates' HERE x

I've got lots of BLOGGING in the pipeline so please, keep in touch x


Antonia said...

xxxxxx to you my lovely, lovely dear friend! this is a totally fab blog! I am writing a letter to you tomorrow!! thankyou for my gorgeous pressie! you deserve a break! come and stay in the pink room! love MistressB x

Blooming Felt said...

Have a lovely break ... you deserve it ! Sarah x

Kirsty Fish x said...

I want to BLOG for a living! Is that possible? I never thought i'd enjoy it so much!
Sarah - x
Antonia - Hello Gorgeous! Every new thing i make i want to send to you, please live nearer to me? Move ... now .... ?


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