I forgot to show you this...

I think i forgot to show you this bag from christinas.etsy.com
It is a super cute 'Lunch Bag' sort of a size. Matroyshkas all over it and a picnic style drawstring top.
I love it - i was going to give it to my daughter for her lunch bag but..... ummmm.... i kept it as MY lunch bag (you know, when I am off at a Craft Market all day) x

And i wanted to show you my cat too .... this is my Craft Room Cat. A friend made him. She sells these for £5 which is way too little because the love he gives me is priceless. I am going to write a whole blogpost on my friend MRS KING soon because .... well, you'll see when i BLOG HER! she is darling x



Camilla said...

OOh that cat is cute!

Hyein said...

Thank you Kirsty :-)
I'm so glad you like the bag.
I hope you enjoy it everyday.

lulusparkles said...

adorable bag.....makes me want to pack my lunch!
christinas is the BEST!

Kirsty Fish x said...

Thankyou ladies x

Steph @ Handmade Heaven Glassy Goodies said...

cute bag! i'm also one of those people who buys gifts with the best intention of giving them to the recipient but then keeping them for myself! muhahaha!! ;)

i want one of those cats!! so sweet :)

Jo said...

That bag is really cute and I really NEED a cat like yours to keep me company in my workroom!

SallyF said...

is she by any chance a pointy kitty?


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