The Button Badger

I love to make badges ... i make them obsessively. I never even really 'liked' badges, until i started to add my own special embellishment - a button (of course!) sewn to felt disc and glued to the front surface.

I buy from a supplier and buy in bulk! By the 1,000 actually. The biggest drawback of my job is storing stock ALL over our house (ask the man who lives here....!) So this box is a new delivery of CUPS / PLATES / PINS / ACETATE...
I had better tell you the STORY, in brief, of how i became the owner of this fantastic vintage 'Button Badger'...
I was at a craft and nature centre with the daughter, about 2 years ago, and they had a machine just like this.
ENVY!! and i said to my man "I want one - i will never rest till i own a badge making machine". We looked on ebay when we got home and ..... well, they were ALOT of money :( i didn't need one that bad, i could wait till riches befell me.
SERIOUSLY, about 2 weeks later, The Man walks in .... holding THIS .... "you are going to love me" he said "you are going to love me so much" ... "I found it an old building at work. They're clearing out and it's FREE to a good home" >>> MY good home - the best home! Never has a home been more deserving of a Button Badger than mine "COME TO MAMA" X
Okay, okay, i Omit to tell you .... we did have it re-conditioned and it cost some money. It wasn't ready to go as such. BUT its vintage model and working prowess is industrial. I can make badges by the hundred!!!! (n.b it hurts like HELL to make 100 in one sitting)
Ahhhh cute paper disc, sitting in the swivel case - i'd love to do a video demo but i am not that techno savvy. You will have to be content with the pictorials. Sweet though huh???

So i sell badges individually on my craft stall - collected by many a teen and tweenie!
I also sell them in 'party packs' for fantastic take-home gifts.
I know a mum who dishes them out as 'rewards' for good behaviour!
I give them out at the door on Hallowe'en .... the possibilities are endless.

Yes i put felt and fabric through it - not just paper!
Happy, happy, happy. It is satisfying work for someone with a short attention span like me!!

P.S Button Badger envy is a terrible thing, i know, it nearly killed me! But the craft gods looked down upon me with favour on this occasion x


KMCdesigns said...

corrr, thats a lot of button badgers!

Christine said...


Nicole said...

You are one lucky ducky... I remember making them is school for various functions. Ahhh, I could only dream of having one at the mo...I'll just put it on the wish list for now:-}

Blooming Felt said...

Oooooooooh - now that is one gizmo I MUST HAVE !!!! Does it do buttons and badges? I've only seen the button ones and they're mega expensive :o( Maybe I need to visit the tip ..... again !!

pouch said...

you jammy bugger, I want a badge machine *cries*

Majenta Designs said...

omg I'm so jealous! I just purchased one, and took the plunge as far as costs, eep! your buttons are so creative, I love the extra you add to the outside!

-MaJenta Designs


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