Meet Rosemary.... a lesson for crafters x

My 4 year old received 'Rosemary' (she named her this) for her Birthday.
She has been handmade by someone who calls themselves "Dotty About Dollies" - anyone heard of this crafter??
We ADORE Rosemary!
We want more Rosemary's to create an entire 'Rosemary Family'!My daugher and I are in-love with Rosemary.
The Crafter never added their details in any way so we shall never find her for repeat sales.
"Hooray" for gorgeous Rosemary who brightens our days...
"Boo Hoo" for she who made Rosemary, we wonder who you are?

1 comment:

Beat Black said...

o no, i need to make sure I don't make the same mistake as that crafter. its a cute doll


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