Lets talk a bit about BUTTONS !

I buy my buttons wholesale ... in bulk ... imagine that box when it arrives at my front door? I can barely breathe I am so excited. You can do so much with buttons and they add instant colour and fun to any project. They are easy to use for children who want to try sewing and adults, who doubt their own capabilities. You customise anything with buttons...

They are made and dyed in the UK so no 'unethical' working conditions from Asian suppliers. (I have also met the team who make these and they are quite happy with their working conditions)
I started buying in bulk because i USE so many (see the SnowFish etsy store!) but people kept asking me if i sold buttons ......so i bagged some up and started to sell them in my travelling UK shop and they sold out so quickly, i had to start stocking more. THEN i thought i would try selling them on etsy too .... then i opened the supplies shop BigFish.etsy.com and it has been a real joy to run.
A very different satisfaction from selling my own 'handmade' items because i get to chat to talented crafters and artists about what their new projects are. So thanks all you button addicts x x x

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