Building CASTLES at the Craft Cafe

Today was such great fun and I am TOTALLY exhausted!
Our theme for todays Crafting Chaos was "Castles & Fairy Tales" (at my daughters request, who then wanted to make space rockets when we got set up)

We had 22 children and young teens today which was a good turnout as the weather was SUNNY!!
And, as always, i am in awe at these kids' brilliance! They humble me. Their imaginations are limitless and their enthusiasm is catching.

I told all my young friends - and their mums / dads / grandads! that i would post their EXCELLENT huge castle (with all the add-ons and wonderful extras) on the website ... so they could show their friends and family.
Gorgeous huh?Thank you guys,
you know who you are x


Anonymous said...

'SOMEBODY' has certainly been having some fun up there!!!

yuteralove said...

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