Hey - just a quickie!
I love colour. I love to surround myself by it. Colour makes me feel happy and positive and alive.
I don't do 'matching sets' and i don't do 'dull'
I am not funny or quirky or 'like being different'... do what makes you happy people!

This stool is a typical example of what i love to do in my home.
The stool was found at the back of a Thrift Shop. (I forgot to get a photo of it before i sprayed the wood part Hot Pink) It was a wooden stand with a yellow top. I liked the yellow top actually but i have a need for pattern and a great stash of fabrics.

I lightly sanded off the legs and frame before spraying the whole thing with a Gloss Spray Paint. I didn't bother using Primer on it first at the paint looked like it would adhere well without it - and i do love to cut corners (impatience)

The Top has fantastic little bars that easily allowed you to remove it from the base.
So then, i found a square of Cath Kidston fabric in the boldest design and stretched it over the top. I borrowed my dads staple gun to keep it all in place and really pulled it tight to get a good stretch and fit.

With the fabric added it was now a really tight fit into the painted frame so i used a soft mallet to whack it back into position and then turn the bars underneath to keep it in place.
Stool = £8.00
                                       Spray Paint = £1.00 - (from a large 400ml can costing £6.00)
                                 Fabric = £2.00 - (from a £12.00 per metre piece)
               Staples = £2.00 (at a guess?)

The photo doesn't do this justice but i was really chuffed with how it turned out.
Colour + Craft + Thrift = Love my Life xxx


Mrs B said...

love it!!

I have been at it with the staple gun too! Vintage liberty print fabric on my walls....totally new living room inspired by it!

You'll love it! I love sitting in my living room now!

i may never leave the couch!

More house pictures! (I am sooooooooo nosey!)



Perfect to brighten up any morning! Kx

frou-frou said...

Ooooh I love the stool. Mucho jealouso!!!

Fi x

Pink Blossom Creations said...

I just love love this...
I too am impatient with stuff, much to hubbies disbelief at times.
I really have to decorate my house as we been in it over 18 months..
You're great inspiration to me
Caroline x

Cate said...

I love popping over to your blog for a good dose of colour, keep it up!

love the stool!

Cate, x

Keepapi Creative said...

ooh thats just fabulous. Loving the hot pink! I could do with a dose of your flair in my house. I have several pieces of furniture that need an injection. I am going to get on with my 1950s sewing cabinet now! Also requiring some vintage fabric on the doors. I started it and found that the staples went right through to the other side & my painwork. Curses. Back to the drawing board.
Well done on a wonderful revamp.
Jacs x

Highland Monkey's said...

Love that colour and the fabric is FAB!

Anonymous said...

ahhh you know, my mum has the same attitude to colour - she does it just because she loves it and it makes her happy - sadly she doesn't have the panache you do but it warmed my heart to read it from how she must view things, thank you xx

Menopausal musing said...

Stunning job! Loving it against those green checked curtains..... so fresh looking.......... yummy!

Rachel said...

cute cute cute


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