Felt Balls - Sharing the stories...

I don't know how Other online shops feel about 'product photography' but for me it is a process of sheer frustration and total joy!
Joy that it is "another job ticked off the list"
Joy that the process can be fun and creative.
Frustration at creating just 'that look' you want...

Craft products, handmade and supplies to sell on, are a constant joy to me. I only make, buy and sell items that make me happy and INSPIRE me. What an immense amount of hard work it would be if i didn't love what i sell?

All photography, Art, Craft - it's all about telling a story and even simple Felt Balls or Buttons have a story to tell. As i am the photographer, i suppose it is only my own story i can convey in a picture.

How can i best suggest the warm, tactile pleasure of handling these fuzzy spheres - how they roll around in your fingers?
The colours and what they remind me of (usually food related, tut tut) but sometimes i think i can even smell the story - These pink balls like pefect mouth sized portions of Strawberry Ice-Cream, and in turn, a memory a Summers Day and my daughter with a sticky ice-cream mouth.
Large green peas and a hazy flash of childhood as i remember picking fresh peas from the garden with my dad... wow, he was so young back then and i thought he ruled the world! (he is still King of mine)
Lilac... it isn't a colour i like. I don't wear it or use it often...ever...? But i had been picking Blackberries the afternoon before this shoot, so maybe these are the two reasons i felt this photo needed a Blackberry Pom-Pom to the side.
Red. Red. Red is the colour! My favourite colour.... i even added more red in this pictures background. And, like the silly sausage I am, i love the fact that the background red basket holds masses of balls of wool. It fits with the wool felt beads. You don't know that as a viewer - but i know that. Somehow that knowledge makes this image complete.
A real photographer wouldn't get caught up in their own stories though. I think a great photographer leaves doors open in their images, for you to see your own stories.
I expect, if you are shopping on the internet, the images that catch your eye are the ones that tell a story you recognise...


Alison Wood said...

I love this post, it's so evocative of the whole process and I can actually feel the texture of the material. A great story and some great photos :-)

Hannah said...

oh this is so true!
I'm the worst photographer, so it takes ages to get the perfect picture, - sometimes i dont even bother , but when i do the feeling is so good!
Red's my favorite colour to!

PaperFish! said...

Oh thanks ladies. I wonder sometimes, 'Am I alone in this madness'? clearly not x

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

The pink ones make me want bon bons and now I have thought of that they are put second on my list (after an apple) for what I shall eat when my braces comes off!
Lovely Fishy I always think, no one 'sells' colour with their images, quite like you do.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Such a fab post. I do love how you display your photographs they always make me want to see more, which is a good sign for a shop.

Just to let you know, I've featured you on my most recent blog post.

Rachel on madeleines sofa said...

Hi, hi, hi!!!
I've found you through a Thrifty Mrs and I am so glad I have - we seem to have a lot in common!
Please come and see me on madeleines sofa xxx Rachel xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I love those photos and your explanation - it is such fun taking
photos but as you say a little frustrating especially as the light is getting bad as winter draws in :-(

PaperFish! said...

*flattery* can warm the soul. I have always been the worst photographer in our family... that's enough criticism to make me improve!


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