Is it wrong to reeeaaalllyyy enjoy having Breakfast .....>>>>>> alone? Not every day. Just occasionally.

Current obsession is with marmalade.
It's amazing how many people also love it, when you start to talk about it.
Homemade Marma, going down a treat with my family :)


Judith said...

In no way is it wrong. You enjoy it, yummy stuff. Ranks right up there with lemon curd xxxxxxx

Erica said...


I gave you a blog award! You can check it out (retrieve it, whatever) on my blog (

Take care!


Mrs B said...

breakfast alone is bliss, isn't it?

Shall we have a breakfast date (very german!).... x

Carrie said...

funnily enough i just bought some homemade marmalade yesterday from the market! I lurve thick cut! xx

Natasha said...

I'm afraid that I like doing most things alone!

Alexandra Mason said...

I love marmalade, hope you are having a lovely week x


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