A day off!... drooling over quilts at Birmingham!

Where to start?
i cannot even begin to tell you the joy in this day. A day off from all my stresses and a day ON quilt viewing and fabric shopping. This Fish was in heaven...
The above quilt is by my pal Lucie Summers - the work in it just hurts my eyes! She is such a huge talent... so i was chuffed to bits that this gorgeous Porthole quilt was on display...
And truly *proud by proxy* that this stunning quilt WON! Whooop - and so deserved. It was hard to get close to it as there were crowds of adoring ladies around it. And Kaffe Fasset too! but i couldn't hear what he said. Still, nice to see the man himself.
There were many quilts working on the theme of 'upcycle' and using clothing remnants and labels. This was just heart stopping however. An entire quilt made of name tapes / sew-in name labels and it looked so amazing. It should have won something as everyone stopped to talk about it.
Again, labels... so fun and interesting to look at it.
You know these few quilts are just the tiny tip of a huge array of quilts, right? i had to stop to snapping and just 'enjoy' after a while....
I just loved this hexagony quilt - It worked so well. It was traditional but contemporary... the colours worked beautifully....
I am no critic, i should just let the quilts doing the talking.
Ughhh... pretty pretty quilts.... everywhere!!!

More honeycombs and muted shades...
My friend with her camera - she was the perfect companion for the day. Equally obsessed with fabrics and quilts and sewing AND very much in need of a day to herself, like me :)
*sooo want to own this quilt*
....... i mean......... wow! just wow!
Our favourite stand in the shopping area. And it turns out she lives up the road from me! She was great: "Washed and Worn"? i cannot remember. The lady has no website so i cannot link her but her stall was inspiring and she was selling JellyRolls cut from loads of mens old shirts. Just cool!
It may surprise you to know i did not spend a fortune. I bought a few choice bits, an apron, an old spool, a few fabric offcuts... but you know what? my friend was lovely and the day out was just like a home-cooked meal and a few chilled glasses of good wine... it left me with the feeling:
Replete. Happy. Relaxed. Inspired.


Christine said...

Looks like you had a great time - I want to go next year!

lu summers said...

kirsty - the lady from your fav stall is kim from 'worn and washed', she's a friend of mine! (small world!)
KAFFFFFFFEEEEE was looking at my quilt????? did it sound like he was being nice? or not??? (do i want to know if not nice???) EKKKK!

Mrs B said...

I miss your voice!

Thank you....such a lovely post!

Lucie....I love your porthole quilt! My bed would like it please, if thats ok?


Blooming Felt said...

Yes - that's Kim from Worn and Washed - she has the stand next to me at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Ally Pally !!! She's such a lovely lady. It's a small world indeed.

Glad you had a great day x

Mrs Gibson said...

I missed it! GAH! I bet it was aceness as well, next year. Lovely post as usual. xx

PaperFish! said...

Total ace-ness :)
why has Kim got no website? her stuff is great x

PaperFish! said...

Lu - obviously i am no close friend of Kaffe... but it seems to me he is very nice to everyone about everything! but i was too far away my love.... x

Blooming Felt said...

She has got a website, but she doesn't sell through it - she should !!!! I'll tell her when I see her next


sarah x


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