Polka Dots, Pants and Pyjamas x

Ummmm. My favourite colour is red.
I love Polka Dots.
I must have been really in a Polka Dot mood because, see how i dressed myself, and honestly, it was quite without 'thought'.
A Red Polka dot blouse, how very Minnie Mouse...

And even my cat has her Red Polka Dot Kitty coat on...

OOOoops, saucy! My Polka Dot Pants!

BUT ....... the point of my BLOG is me and my crafty stuff. I didn't post here to show you my pants!
I posted just to say, i wore this today and never left the house. I made bunting ALL day.
And, although I am the sort of girl who needs her pyjamas surgically removed in the morning, in order to MAKE and be inspired, i find pyjamas are not the thing.
On a 'Making Day', one really should get dressed (and i highly recommend dressing in Polka Dots for the task) X

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