I've got Pins and Needles...
My most recent ***new*** designs are my Needle Books. I have put them for sale in the BigFish shop because they seem, to me, to be more of a 'supply' item?

I am really pleased with they way the design worked. I am sure this is because it was designed and made 'for the job'. I was taking my sewing tin everywhere and the needles were being carried stuck in pieces of felt .... and a thought struck me ...
I am a DESIGNER and a MAKER for goodness sake!! Surely i could solve this needle issue...? And so the Needle Book was created.

There are 8 pages in the book (4 double sided felt discs) and 6 sides to use for your pins and needles storage. I like the 'book ring' binder too. I think it looks 'modern' and a contemporary edge for a new generation of 'renegade crafters' x
Not that anyone needs an excuse for a needlebook you understand... they're just nice to have.


cloudhopping said...

These are wonderful, love the colours.

Kirsty Fish x said...

Thank you! x


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